Family Dentist Silverdale WA
General Dentist Silverdale WA
Dentist WA
Dentist Washington
Dentist Silverdale Washington
Dentistry Silverdale WA
Dentist Washington
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General Dentist Silverdale WA
Dentist Silverdale WA


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Dr.  Vikram Pal Singh, DDS  | Dr. Gagan Deep Kaur, DDS
Family, General Dentistry. Serving Silverdale, WA

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Welcome to the Dentist Office of Sunrise Dental…Your Family Dentistry Serving Silverdale, Washington.

Dentist Silverdale, WA

From emergency care, pediatrics, to family dentistry, Dr. Vikram Pal Singh and Dr. Gagan Deep Kaur ’s mission is simple, “We maintain your dental health, assist in preventing serious dental and medical illnesses, and give you a brighter more healthy smile.” We make sure our patients in the Silverdale, WA area are treated with high quality care at an affordable price.

Our dentists and staff take great pride in assuring your dental needs are met. Our team takes time listening to your questions or concerns so the best treatment options are used. We are highly skilled, motivated, and ready to give you the best service in Silverdale, WA.

In addition to routine cleanings we specialize in:

• Root canal
• Implants
• Crowns
• Cracked teeth
• Dentures
• Cavaties
• Braces
• Oral surgery
• Teeth whitening
• Periodontal disease

Imagine Yourself with a New Smile

At Sunrise Dental, our cosmetic dentistry team provides the most up-to-date services to build confidence and self esteem. At your initial exam, we create a plan and thoroughly go over various techniques for your new journey.

We combine science, artistry, and experience, to provide you the best technique to make your visit at our Silverdale location life changing.  From day one, you see and feel the change while your confidence builds. There are few things more exhilarating than a glowing smile. Let our team at Sunrise Dental in Silverdale, give you the smile of your dreams. 


Sunrise Dental is located in Silverdale, Washington, 9995 Silverdale Road NW, Suite 103
Silverdale, WA 98383. We proudly serve the people of Silverdale, WA, Kitsap County, including cities Poulsbo, Bremerton, Keyport, Chico, Indianola, Kingston, Port Gamble, Port Orchard, Seabeck, Suquamish, Bainbridge Island, Port Ludiow, Sequoia, Port Townsend and Hansville.

For a dentist who makes your health a priority in West Seattle, please call us at (360) 915 5977 or schedule an appointment